Naughty Cat Released!

Naughty Cat


An addictive point and drag game with naughty cats and tissues – based on real events. Empty the box of tissues as fast as possible to make the cat happy.

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Natural Color Mix released

Natural Color Mix is simple color puzzle game. The game gives a random color that you have to try to create by mixing the three basic colors red, yellow and blue. The mixing happens in a natural way like mixing oil or water color (subtractive color mixing).

The difficulty – the amount of basic colors needed to create the right color, increases steadily and points are given by how close you guessed the right color.

Natural Color Mix was written by Thomas Bemme. For questions, suggestions and bug reports visit the developers website.

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Block 3D released

We are proud to present “Block 3D” – a three dimensional puzzle game for Android devices. Goal of the game is to arrange 3D shapes in a 4x4x10, 5x5x10 and 6x6x10 game board in a way to fill and remove whole planes. It was designed for touch-screen devices for a intuitive and swift game play.

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Block 3D: How to Play


How To Play


Block 3D is a puzzle game based on the idea of Tetris in three dimensions. The goal of this game is to arrange the game pieces in a way, that they fill at least one plane fully. As in Tetris – filled planes disappear and award points. The more planes disappear at once, the more points are awarded.

Each game piece can be moved and rotated in all directions (xyz) within the game board.


To move a game piece, simply touch and drag it in the desired spot.

Movement of a game piece

To release a game piece, double tap it. This will send the game tile to the lowest possible plane.

Double tap


There are three possible rotations – we call them x, y and z rotations and we have 2 directions: clock and counter-clockwise. Just imagine a three dimensional Cartesian coordinate system:

3D Cartesian coordinate system


X Rotation

To rotate the game piece around the imaginary x axis, touch the screen above the piece and pull it down for a count-clockwise rotation – or touch the screen below the game piece and pull it up for a clockwise rotation around its x-axis.

X Rotation


Y Rotation

Analogous to the x-rotation, touch the screen left of the game piece and pull it right for a counter-clockwise rotation – or to the right of the game piece and pull it left for a clockwise rotation around the y-axis.

Y Rotation


Z Rotation

There are two ways to rotate the game piece around its z-axis.

1. Touch the screen left of the game piece and pull it up for a clockwise rotation or down for a counter-clockwise rotation around its z-axis (or right of the game piece, up for a counter-clockwise rotation, down for a clockwise rotation):

Z Rotation

2. Touch the screen above the game piece and pull it left for a counter-clockwise rotation or right for a clockwise rotation around its z-axis (or below the game piece, left for a clockwise rotation, right for a counter-clockwise rotation):

Z Rotation

Math Brain Free Updated

Math Brain Free was updated. We fixed minor bugs:

new in 1.0.3

  • minor UI changes

new in 1.0.2

  • sound on mobile devices was way too loud
  • RNG for square and square root functions was not random enough
  • a few typos were corrected
  • Google Play Store should now have EN_US and EN_GB store listings

We are still working on

  • better statistic display for smaller devices
  • plots for statistics

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